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Calming techniques for shared workspace

Dear Desi: I love my new work-space but in the morning my coworker makes throat clearing sounds every 20 seconds and it lasts for hours. I find it irritating to my nervous system.



Consider making a simple meditation practice out of it, every time you hear the throat clear (aka the “trigger”):

  • Take a deep breath, OR
  • Say an affirmation, OR
  • Take a sip of hot tea.

If those things are too metaphysical for you, then just:

  • Tap two fingers together every time you hear the trigger.

All of these techniques are proven to help you break the limbic (emotional) response – minimize the impact on your energy – and connect you back in your cortical (thinking) response. This will allow any anxiety to purely dissolve. Even if you have to do it every 20 seconds in the morning, it’s worth not carrying the upset with you for a full 24 hours.

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