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Clean Out The Junk And Start The New Year With A Clean Slate

junk drawer

You know how you have a junk drawer or two or three around the house?

They are those places you put stuff you don’t want to bother with in the moment and before you know it, you have drawers stuffed with stuff that is most likely useless but that you just can’t seem to let go of.

Well, our inner lives are like that too. We have “junk drawers” in our mind.

This is a good time to open up our minds and dump out the stuff, the emotional junk that no longer serves us. Well, at least the things that are somewhat obvious like resentments and grudges that you hold toward someone. Those certainly don’t serve anyone least of all you.

Even though it might feel a little overwhelming to think about opening that inner junk drawer, I promise, when you do you will feel better. Once you finish you might find you have more energy and even wake up earlier in the morning more rested and refreshed.

Going into the New Year, you may want to examine each item more closely. Begin with baby steps and put like things together, the way you would when cleaning out your drawers or closets.

Just like the stuff in the junk drawers of our lives, emotional junk takes up space and energy.

Emotional junk drains positive energy. After you clean out your inner junk drawers you will feel freer, more energetic and ready to face the New Year clutter-free!

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