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Fearless Feets (pun intended)

Do you ever have one of those life moments where something very big is happening and you find yourself wondering how you got so lucky?

That’s where I am these days. After a wild & unstable start to 2017, things are really taking off. I have had more time with my family, more time for creative pursuits including a new authoring opportunity, and more time to be my inspirational self.

The funny thing is that this is the life I have wanted for over 15 years I was just too scared to fully LIVE it. I guess I got comfortable in the corporate world. Sure, I always had coaching as my side hustle but it was always, just that, on the side. Somehow corporate work always pulled me back. The sense of responsibility to our family, our mortgage, our lifestyle all suggested that staying in the corporate world would be the safe and right thing to do. And it was sucking the life right out of me.

Lots of people leave work that they hate, that wasn’t the case for me. I loved my work in the world of human performance, workplace culture and talent development. I have ALWAYS loved growing people and my work gave me plenty of opportunity to do exactly that. Somehow though something was just not right, I just couldn’t find my happy even doing work that made me proud. My energy was feeling more zapped than tapped.

One day early this year, while traveling for my former day job, I fell down some stairs. Don’t worry it wasn’t a big fall, it was just a mindless slip of the foot. I landed on my tush and all was well. Now anyone who follows the idea of “signs” pointing us in a certain direction, might consider falling something worth noticing.I, of course, did what any good avoid-er does and ignored the fall as if it never happened.

A few weeks later I was preparing to travel for my side hustle to Costa Rica to facilitate a portion of a Fearlessness Retreat. All packed and ready to go I was carrying my bag down the stairs and… yes… that’s right, I mindlessly fell again. This time it was much bigger than the slip of one foot. Instead both feet fell forward, and I plowed down the stairs face first. This one was a bit harder to ignore. My right foot was swollen and in severe pain with any forward movement. I could, however, put weight on the foot and decided to grab some ice and go to Costa Rica anyway.

Again, I decided to follow through on my responsibility to the Fearlessness Retreat leaders and opted to avoid the message that my body was trying to give me. On the second morning of our retreat, I woke up and left my room for morning routines. As I was stepping off the porch to our cabin… yep…you guessed… I mindlessly fell for a third time! This time I rolled my left ankle. The rest of the retreat participants were enjoying morning yoga and I lay on the ground alone in my pity party.

Eventually I got myself up and limped awkwardly to the breakfast area. The staff was kind enough to get some stuff to clean the scrape and ice to help the swelling. There I sat with ice on feet, unable to make any significant moves. I was physically forced to be still. Ahh. There it was. The thing I had been avoiding. Being still.

As a busy executive, parent and inspirational coach, being still wasn’t a part of my process. I was addicted to always being in the center of the action. The idea of being unable to go anywhere / do anything was, well, terrifying. Fall number one, was telling me to slow down. Fall number two, was saying, really please slow down. And, finally, fall number three forced my hand in the matter, or um, my feet, actually.

The irony of it all was that it happened at the Fearlessness Retreat. Speaking at the retreat was not scary… coaching the participants was not scary… being mindfully still, now that was scary! My fearless feat was brought to me by my slippery feet. Ultimately, I had an entire week to reflect on my authentic truth. The stillness brought sleep, tears, and uncertainty. Eventually, it brought me to a conclusion that I already knew but didn’t want to accept. It was time for me to leave the corporate world and pursue my work as an inspirational coach full-time.

Returning back to California, I brought home the courage to follow-through on the decision to leave corporate work. Today, I am celebrating a summer of freedom with my family, the successful re-launch of my coaching and retreats business from part-time side hustle to full-time inspiration and a signed publishing deal with Celebrity Press to co-author Ready, Set, Go! with sales motivation guru Brian Tracy.

I literally fell into all of these blessings feel thankful every day for the mindful stillness and synchronicity that brought me this bliss. If you made it all the way to the end of this article, go ahead and take five minutes today to put up your feet and sit in the stillness. You might just find yourself in there.

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