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Getting Your Genius Back


Do you ever feel like you are capable of so much more, yet you don’t know how to tap into the more that you know you are?

There is a certain restless discomfort knowing there is something within that wants to come out and you don’t know how to access it. You are not alone.

Buckminster Fuller, 20th century inventor and visionary, once said, “Everyone is born a genius, but the process of living de-geniuses them.”

Take a minute to really consider this idea.

We are all born with a set of abilities that makeup our inherent genius. These are the things that come so easy to us that we have a hard time understanding why it is not as natural for others.

One of my favorite things in life is to help people remember their genius. Take my friend and colleague, Tracy Preciado, as an example. Tracy has always been perceived as a bold risk taker. While she scaled back her special abilities for a short time in her career, eventually her boldness just had to be expressed. And, the more she tapped into her natural aptitude the better her life became. Over time, Tracy has come to realize that her genius lies within her ability not only to live fearlessly but to also help others do the same.

2018 is fresh and filled with limitless possibilities.

Every moment of every day that you awake and breathe in life, you have an opportunity to uncover more of your own talents and potentiality. You may have an idea of what you would secretly love to do or what the next step is that you would like to take. I encourage you to engage in any process that will allow you to bring that desire forward.

My friend Andrea once said, “You know what you know, and you can’t un-know it.”

This struck me to the core. It made me realize the infinite journey we are on and how each individual contains unending potential. It also made me realize how even when we have a knowing of our individual highest potential we sometimes let beliefs or other’s expectations keep us from truly living in our genius.

There’s always room to grow in this life, so much more goodness to reveal and share with the world.

Make this the year you expand and rise higher to express your highest potential. Discovery is a continuous journey. Genius is forever unfolding. If you would like further encouragement or help, explore one of my retreats or contact my hotline.

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