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Go Within To Realign With And Live Your Truth

live your truth

Are you feeling a little depleted or disengaged in your life?

Whether you are feeling slightly or deeply depleted, it may be time to ask a few questions about authenticity.

The truth is that when we turn away from the activities and behaviors that speak our soul’s truth, we are left feeling empty. Giving yourself time to remember and realign with your authenticity or truth is restorative and energizing. Taking time out to reconnect is also vital to model for coworkers and our children, who learn how to navigate their lives by watching the people around them.

Living authentically requires occasional tweaks and tune-ups as we maneuver the twists and turns of day-to-day life.

With the multitude of repetitive demands we are subject to, it’s easy to suddenly realize that our lives feel off-center. Sometimes a luxurious lavender bubble bath will do the trick. But there are times when a true retreat is absolutely necessary.

The opportunity to explore what it means to live authentically and to speak your truth without fear is coming up in the two-day Speak Your Truth Weekend in the San Francisco Bay area on October 28th and 29th. Imagine the rejuvenating effect that being able to speak your truth in a way that gets heard can have. Discover gentle and effective ways to live your truth at home and at work. This is a weekend that will allow you to re-emerge with proven techniques and a clear plan of action that may well keep you engaged and fully authentic through the remainder of this year and well into the next.

For more information about the Speak Your Truth Weekend retreat call (916) 870-0175 or email And if you cannot make it to this event, do still step away for a little while. Relax in a wonderful bath filled with your favorite essential oils and lots of bubbles.

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