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Hey Soul Sister

Today, I was taking my daughter and her friend to the bus stop. In true Monday morning fashion, we were running just a bit behind schedule. As we pulled up, the bus was already at the stop and had it’s boarding sign out. Before, the girls could get out of the car the boarding sign pushed back against the bus indicating it was ready to leave. My daughter, who in this way takes after me, hesitantly got out of the car. She felt unsure, the bus had put it’s sign away. Should she go forward or not? Her friend began talking fast and loud “c’mon Kate let’s go, we’ve got to move fast.” The friend gets out of the car and begins to run toward the bus doors. Kate apprehensively picks up momentum. Sure enough, as they get close to the bus doors, the boarding sign goes out again and the girls made it on the morning bus.

The whole bus run made me laugh out loud. This is because I have a dear friend who is fast and loud. She is like a compassionate action figure, always getting sh*t done easier and quicker than the average human. Meanwhile, I am just a little bit more cautious sometimes on the sidelines, sometimes in the game depending on the day. Boarding the bus my daughter and her friend looked just like me and my friend. One moving forward cautiously and the other pushing forward fast and fun. As I reflected on the differences between me and my dear friend, I looked down at my phone to see the song, “soul sister” playing. This now made me laugh even harder. She IS a soul sister, isn’t she? I thought.
“I knew when we collided.

You’re the one I have decided.

Who’s one of my kind.”

~ Lyrics from Hey Soul Sister by Train

Ever since I can remember I have been surrounded my amazing women. This starts with my mom who is one of the most compassionate and thoughtful human beings in the world. So, today I type aloud about soul sisters. We all have them, people in our lives who just get us.

Maybe we have a soul sister during a specific stage of life or for our entire lifetime. My friend Jake comes to mind. Jake is an incredibly smart woman who had this way of looking at the world that was wildly different from anyone I’ve ever known. We entertained each other working concert security, hanging out at College parties, and looking for food at her parents house. I haven’t seen Jake in 15 years, but she is a forever soul sister who helped me make Southern California into a home for a few short years in the 1990’s.
Another example of a soul sister is a dear friend since Kindergarten. For like five years in a row, (birthdays ages 5-10), I bought Micki the same gift of birthstone jewelry set. Something I am pretty sure she doesn’t even like. Despite this, she continued to be my friend. When we were in High School, one of our fellow elementary school classmates died unexpectedly of an aneurysm. The realization of there being no guarantees of tomorrow, makes me especially grateful to know Micki. In some ways, I’d like to think that our friend drops in to see us ride through the roller coaster of life. Micki and I have cried together, laughed together, retreated together, vacationed together, and even sported big hair together.

There are so many beautiful soul sisters in my life, it would take a phone book to list them all. My coaches, my teachers, my healers, my messengers, my artists, my leaders , my friends. So much love. My soul sisters carry me through this lifetime. We share stories of heartbreak and victories. We have laugh with each other and at each other. We cry simply because the tears need to fall. We dance because it feels like fun. We support and encourage one another to grow ourselves up into who we’re meant to be.

I find soul sisters wherever I go. Soul sisters at work, in my spiritual studies, in the neighborhood where I live, on social media. We stay connected across decades or reconnect after years apart. We share the kind of truths that only soul sisters can share. Soul sisters make us feel so amazing, sometimes we can forget just how fortunate we are to have their love in our lives. Today, is a great day to celebrate our soul sisters!

You see
I can be myself now finally
In fact there’s nothing I can’t be
I want the world to see you’ll be
With me​

~ Lyrics from Hey Soul Sister by Train

Our souls represent that non-physical part of ourselves that always exists, and these ladies are soul sisters for eternity, but sometimes the human time on earth together may be shorter than we’d like. So today IS the day to celebrate your soul sisters. Maybe your soul sisters could benefit from some extra love or a good laugh. Go ahead, send a note, give a call, or if your lucky enough to be close by a sister drop-in and dance to a favorite song with this amazing woman. You’re lucky that she has been a part of your story. I know I am lucky to have you as a part of mine.

Thank you, Soul Sisters – I love you for all eternity and beyond.

Now let’s get out on the stage and dance, and when the song ends, start over and dance again!

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