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How to be as Happy as a Yellow Lab

Special shout out to my friend Helen for suggesting as topic and to for the interesting article on the meaning behind the actions of our pets. These two events coincided and made this dog blog unexpectedly come to life.

Let’s begin with the idea of happiness and how it is connected to the yellow lab.

Happiness by definition is a state of mind. One that is usually associated with satisfaction and/or pleasure. Yellow labs, according to the American Kennel Club, are one of America’s most favorite pets. They have a reputation for being playful, gentle, and harmonious. Both happiness and yellow labs sound quite fun — given these points as our baseline data, let’s explore our question together.

How can we be as a happy as a yellow lab?

First, let’s consider some of the behavioral challenges related to yellow labs. If you do a quick google search and scan the feed you’ll find that yellow labs are far from perfect. Like other dogs, they do sometimes have behavioral problems. Things like defecate in the house, refusing to use a leash and even biting. Funny enough, I do not think that yellow labs come into the world perceiving these behaviors as problems. Seems more like they are instinctual and typically with a little guidance and some positive reinforcement, yellow labs usually work through these challenges.

Next, it is important to acknowledge that yellow labs fall into the canine category. And, canines are widely recognized for contributing to overall well being emotionally and physically. Pet owners report looking forward to cheerful greetings, comfort during sad times, and long walks. Additionally, yellow labs are recognized for their friendly, stable and energetic temperment. These characteristics add to the joy yellow labs offer the world.

Here is a quick list of lessons we can take from the happy yellow lab.

Lesson One: Accept Things as they Are

There will be things about yourself that others ask you to change. Some of those things can and should be easily modified, yet they will always be a part of your natural inclinations. Equally there will be things about yourself that you love, and those things will be equally natural and encouraged by others. The happiest of us, work with things as they are and take the past of least resistance. Acceptance does not mean you stop learning, you can always learn new tricks. It does mean to let go of fighting to keep a behavior that doesn’t support your best life.

Lesson Two: Stay in the Moment

Next, yellow labs are frequently recognized for their positive disposition. They present a friendly demeanor most of the time. This is because dogs are awesome about focusing on the present moment, rather than getting stuck in the past or thinking about a distant future. When it’s time to eat, the yellow lab eats. When it’s time to chill, the yellow lab finds a cozy bed and sleeps. When it’s time to play, the yellow lab plays full out. Staying in the moment does not mean that the past or future will never cross your mind. It does mean that you can create more personal satisfaction by directing your energy into what you need/want in the moment rather than worrying about past or future. Not only will this allow you to be more attentive to the situation in front of you, it will also allow you to have more fun.

Lesson Three: Show your Emotions

Yellow labs are awesome at showing their emotions. Fear, hunger, love, happiness all tell the tale. Hopefully you’ve had the experience of a dog wagging it’s tail enthusiastically upon your arrival. Showing someone that you missed them when they arrive to your home is a delightful emotional expression. And there are more examples. Those puppy dog eyes making a connection, showing love. Or, following you around simply because they want to be near you. Or, growling before biting to let you know they are scared or uncertain. So much, we can learn from our yellow lab about expressing our emotions as they arise. Showing emotions in the moment keeps grudges and bad thoughts at bay and makes it so much easier for you and others to know what you need when you express your feelings openly.

There you have it, three quick tips on how to be as happy as a yellow lab. I’m sure you have more of your own, feel free to comment in social media about what you’ve learned from your fabulous pets.

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