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How To Recognize Signs That Your Soul Is Speaking To You

soul signs

Being alert to the signs, big and small, that let me know my soul is speaking to me, guiding me, and protecting me is one of my favorite daily activities.

When I bring this up at workshops and speaking events, I’m often met with inquisitive looks. While some are aware of these signs, many people still tune out the amazing soul messages that are placed along the path for our highest good.

Searching for Soul Signs

Soul signs rarely appear as earth shattering revelations like burning bushes, though, that can happen. And even smaller signs may feel as huge and mind-blowing as a burning bush when they happen. More often than not, though, the signs are subtle, and custom made for each individual.

For example, I have come to understand that when I see trash on the side of the road or freeway, this means that in some part of my life I am being wasteful. I don’t see trash often, thank goodness, but when I do, I know it is my soul speaking, telling me to take a close look and discover where and how I am being wasteful. It also reminds me to be more conscientious about our beautiful earth.

Reading the Signs

Often, I’ll ask for a sign that I am in the right place or serving the best and highest good with a new client or friend. Upon arrival the new person stops to explicitly state how happy they are to be working together

At other times, I may be asking for a specific sign and get nothing. This means that my soul is telling me that now is not the time, the answer will eventually manifest. That reminds me to be patient.

So often people get anxious when they are running late for a meeting. However, upon arriving someone comes up and tells you your timing couldn’t have been better. You soon come to understand that being later or being early is sometimes its own gift. These are signs of divine timing.

As you learn to pay more attention to subtle soul signs throughout your days, a sense of excitement develops. When you learn to listen with your inner ear to the message being sent and follow the sign, you develop a greater sense of harmony, confidence and ease. And that’s the best part of waking up to these soul signs.

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