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We humans are inherently creative geniuses.

However, as I pointed out in my most recent blog, Getting Your Genius Back, for so many of us, our genius remains locked inside. Learning to tap into and release our individual genius can be an ever-unfolding journey. Our desires and dreams change, along with our talents and abilities. In fact, we can continue growing and learning until our final breath.

One barrier I have seen come up time and time again in my years of coaching and helping others discover and use their genius is that many people get stuck focusing on process instead of dream. One reason for this is that many people have difficulty focusing on what they want. When focusing on specific tasks they feel like they “must do” instead of their complete dream, energy is wasted.

Dreams Run On Emotional Energy

This brings me to the juicy part – energy. Our yet to be fulfilled ideas and dreams have energy in them. The emotional energy your dreams evoke in you acts like a magnet to draw those dreams to you. However, if the energy is weak, it may be difficult to sustain the desire to fulfill the dream. You may then find yourself making excuses for not achieving your dream.

The whole idea is to generate as much emotional energy around your dream as possible. The tension that is created when you recognize your current state of not living your dream compared with the dream desired is the very energy that will propel you forward. By using that tension as a motivator, you will draw the circumstances and people to you that will help your dream manifest.

Your Thoughts Guide the Way

So many of my clients tell me that they’ve had some aspect of their dream for their entire life. Whether that be writing a book, speaking on stage, making a difference for a specific community – it has been in their heart since childhood. If you have been thinking about something for your entire life, it is giving you hints about the dream you want to make a reality.

BEFORE you consider “how- to” make your dream a reality, reconnect with your emotional connection to the dream. Step into that imaginative part of yourself– the part that fantasizes about the look and feel of your dream becoming your reality. Use your imagination to explore all facets of your dream. What does living your dream look like? How does it feel like to live this dream? What might be different or the same living this dream? Imagine every aspect of the dream. Let your imagination be your fuel.

Personal And Business Coaching Fundamental To Success

Individual and business coaching is all about forward movement. It has gone from fad to fundamental in order to develop talents and skills that will serve the greater good, whether it’s a family, community or corporation. I encourage my clients not to be shy about the dreams they want to achieve. Every dream is highly individual. No one can tell you what to want. Only you know and can aspire to what is highest in you.

I encourage you to make this the year you expand and imagine the fullest expression of your potential. Keep the journey of discovery alive. If you would like further encouragement or help, explore one of my retreats or contact the free DesiLine.

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