Desi Aragon

Modern Day Muse

Inspired To Inspire


What do a Fearlessness Coach, Horse Ranch Owner, Spiritual Alchemist, Energy Artist and a Chief Financial Officer have in common? Their Muse.

I know because I am the Muse.

I co-create and inspire each of those creative professionals mentioned above. I am a modern-day, twenty-first century muse and I am proud of the role I play in the lives of so many people who are creating, sharing and communing with the collective consciousness of this life. And, while muses are typically thought to be females in service to the inspiration of men, all of the preceding are female – including the Muse!

Whether we are collaborating on the development of content for biographical stories, curating art, writing journals or blogs or are involved in creating other activities, the idea is to help each other grow beyond one’s current potential. We are involved in a mutually satisfying inspirational service.

It is becoming more commonly understood that those who inspire art are equally as important as those who create the art.

Where the source of inspiration comes from is less important to an artist than that inspiration does come. How do you think working with a muse could revolutionize your work? Do you think that the benefits of finding one are worth the trouble?

One never knows if they can be or will be a muse to others. However, I believe that, like in the case of searching for a spiritual teacher the same is true that if you consciously and actively seek a muse, it is more likely that one will be brought into your life.

As we humans continue to express our infinite creativity, the role of artist as well as muse will continually evolve. I trust you will find the inspiration you require to express the creativity you have in your being. If you are looking to establish an artist/muse relationship, let’s talk.

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