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Make This The Season of Gratitude and Self-Caring


How often have you felt lost during the holidays?

Starting with Thanksgiving many people begin to crumble under the burden of family obligations or the opposite – loneliness. Families join together to feast on turkey and all the trimmings, while inside someone is typically brimming with anxiety. And those without family or an invitation to partake of the feasting often slip into the bleakness of depression.

Have you ever, in the name of doing the ‘right’ thing…

•Gone along with the group to fit in?
•Done what others want while ignoring your own needs?
•Accommodated others’ demands jut to make the day go easier?

These are the types of behaviors that contribute to that sense of loss of self.

Even though it appears as though everything goes well in the moment you are actually making things worse in the long run. Going along and ignoring your needs means something is being repressed which leads to passive aggressive behavior. Think: road rage, for instance. You end up taking your anger out on others. But anger truly only hurts the one who is experiencing it.

When all is said and done, there is typically a tremendous amount of needless self-sacrificing and suffering that occurs during the holidays at the expense of personal health and wellbeing.

Take time to learn how to be grateful.

Start by expressing gratitude for all that you do have. Do something like volunteer at a soup kitchen. Focus on the experience of giving rather than the results. And, don’t worry, missteps and imperfections are okay.

Also, if you tend to do too much, give yourself permission to stop doing the things you want to do but that feel too hard during the holidays. For example if you’ve volunteered in a soup kitchen every year, but you’re not sure how to make it work this year, go ahead and plan to volunteer in January instead.

Find your own personal recipe for gratitude and self-care. This is the key to getting through the holiday season whole, healthy and happy!

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