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‘Not Yet’ Are Two Hope Filled Words That Generate A Learning Mindset

Not Yet

Learning is ongoing.

In our culture, education is more focused on getting answers right on tests that we seem to have forgotten what learning really is. There really is no endpoint to our ability to learn.  This is brought to light by Psychologist, Carol Dweck who discusses the power of a grading system that includes the two words, ‘not yet’ which she explains leads to a learning or growth mindset.

Dweck did a Ted Talk on her research of the power of ‘yet.’ She discovered that when children were given a grade of ‘not yet’ those kids’ minds were opened to further studying and learning. When children were given letter grades, they become stuck in thinking they could not learn, that they were somehow incapable of ever learning. You might want to take a look at Dweck’s TedTalk.

Life Is A Journey of Learning

Dweck’s concept is based on the premise that we are all on a learning journey, and that just because you haven’t accomplished a task yet, does not mean that you cannot or should not try and certainly that you should not give up. Your “yet” is coming, your “yet” is not yet here. It’s a type of hope that is instilled in us to not give up. It is particularly powerful when used with children.

This concept, while important to teach to children is just as relevant and impactful for adults who have lived lives of quiet desperation because of having learned as children that they ‘weren’t good’ at something and believed that story. Had they been told they weren’t good at something ‘yet’ these adults might be living very different lives. There is a lack of finality in the words ‘not yet.’ Fact is, life is a journey, not a destination.

Adopt ‘Not Yet’ At Any Age

Adopting the ‘not yet’ concept as an adult is truly powerful. No matter how old or young we are, we each have the potential to continue growing and learning. Neuroscience has proven the plasticity of the brain and that neurons are continually growing and making new connections particularly when we challenge ourselves to learn new things. Our brains continue to grow. We don’t ever have to stop learning. So, just because you have achieved something you’ve always wanted ‘yet’, doesn’t mean that you aren’t ever going to!

Adopting the ‘not yet’ phrase is the way to begin a personal growth mindset revolution. You may start to see areas in which your mindset seems to be fixed. Then you will be able to change those tendencies as you continually evolve in a growth mindset. One thing to remember is that we all live upon a continuum, and our dreams and desires propel us along, reaching for something that requires a little more learning.

It’s great to acknowledge and be motivated by what we have not yet learned. If you are ready to explore and reach that something that seems to lie just beyond your current potential, you might want to explore one of my retreats or contact my hotline.

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