Desi Aragon

Modern Day Muse

Spiritual Life Coaching

Are you ready to move forward toward what you really want? Together, we use heart, humor and thought-provoking insights to determine the next best steps for you to maximize your potential. Your investment includes an exchange of well researched strategies on wellness, communication and personal effectiveness. Select these package options, or customize a package of your own, when you are ready to unlock your potential in a big way.

The Desi Line

This is for people are who are generally in a pretty good place and want someone to help sort through mental and emotional clutter, so their inherent genius can emerge. Click here to read more about the Desi Line.


Unlock Your Potential

Inspirational people need to partner with someone who can connect with their purpose and creativity. The Unlock Your Potential investment provides the insight, energy and encouragement you need to tap into your inherent abilities. Unlock Your Potential is recommended after you have cleared any mental and emotional clutter and are ready to unlock your potential in every area of your life.


  • Five coaching sessions by phone or video conference
  • Spiritual life coaching assessment
  • One-to-one dialogue
  • Affirmational/oracle card pull
  • Defined success criteria and action plan
  • Best practices on personal and professional effectiveness
  • Desi Line priority and unlimited email question and answer during investment window


Launch Your Potential

Let’s face it we spend the bulk of our time in work-related activities. Sometimes our work experience needs a little pick-me-up to reconnect with our mission, vision, values, and goals. The Launch Your Potential investment is recommended for entrepreneurs and teams who want to positively engage around the purpose of their work.


  • Four-twelve hours of interactive discussion and activities onsite at your designated location for one to twelve people.
  • Pre/Post Event Assessment
  • Two Consultation Calls
  • Examples of retreat theme options:
    • Candid Communication
    • Expanding My Horizon
    • Culture & Values
    • Creative Endeavors (book authoring, presentation and curriculum development, etc.


Ready Set Go Chapter - The Tortoise Method:How to Reset your Life for Greatness

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