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Slow Down You’re Moving Too Fast

slow down

Perhaps you’ve heard the fable of the tortoise and the hare.

It is the tale of a hare so certain of his speed that he takes a nap mid-race. Meanwhile his challenger, the tortoise, diligently plods along at a much slower pace. Ultimately, the tortoise wins the race simply because the hare didn’t wake up in enough time to cross the finish line.

Over the years, we’ve been told that it is noble and right to be the tortoise, to move steadily forward rather than be fast and careless. Yet, with advancements in technology and increased access to information, it feels like we’re moving faster than ever. What lessons does this familiar fable have for us in this day and age?

Slow and Steady: Reflect

There is a cost to deciding to stay put in your life when you feel deeply unfulfilled. You risk missing out on vital aspects of your identity and actually increase the likeliness of deeper frustration and dissatisfaction setting in.

Our most rewarding and effective lives come from the steady work of internal reflection. During times like these it’s important to slow down to consider how you arrived at your present state and see if you can pinpoint the cause of your dissatisfaction. Consider whether you are being fully maximized. Is there something you have recently discovered you would rather be doing? Constantly be open to new possibilities.

Slow and Steady: Accept

Too often, we think that in order to live our best life we must make big, bold moves. What if instead you started moving in a new direction with smaller more deliberate steps? When you accept where you are and can imagine a new and fully formed life you can begin to take one small step at a time. In the spirit of acceptance, new doors are sure to open even as you take the smallest actions. Remember, every journey begins with the first step. Continual personal growth requires courage and it definitely comes with a bit of uncertainty.

Slow and Steady: Reset

To the best of my knowledge, the tortoise had never raced before. Even though the road ahead was unknown and fraught with uncertainty the tortoise depended on its expertise as a tortoise. Through this experience the tortoise became reset as a racing tortoise.

The tortoise did not win by being more efficient, more driven or even more confident than the hare. Nor did the tortoise have a better life coach, a better fitness trainer, more time or more money than the hare. The only difference was that the tortoise had a strong desire for something new. Simply by living the truth of what it meant to be a tortoise, accepting the challenge presented by the hare and resetting life one deliberate step at a time the tortoise ultimately won.

In today’s world, we have access to more technology and more information than ever before. For the wellbeing of humanity, it is vital that we slow down just long enough to tap into what we need and want for a meaningful life, continuously seek out opportunities for personal growth and joyfully accept new challenges.


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