Desi Aragon

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Who says your clients can’t be your friends? Mine are! Meaningful relationships are everything to me. Look at what my closest friends have to say about our work together.

CLARIFY – J.Layton, Artist

“Desiree is like a spiritual optometrist. When my vision is blurry and I can’t see, her coaching always brings clarity of sight so I can see the truth. But she is also like a spiritual chiropractor. I always feel like I’ve had an adjustment from her retreats and coaching. I leave with a renewed sense of self and a burst of energy.”

Jeanne Nangle

IMAGINE – Jeanne Nangle, Author of Butterfly Silhouette and The Thought Store: 8 Simple Thinking Habits for Work and Life

“I can’t imagine having walked my path without the insight, intuition and inspiration of Desiree. A piece of advice: Hire her and step into your destiny.”
racy Preciado

UNLOCK YOUR INSPIRATION – Tracy Preciado, Fearlessness Coach / Workshop Leader / Motivational Speaker

“Desireé is a miraculous coach who helped me see my talents and focus in on them to steadily and continuously work toward my highest potential. She has challenged and stretched my perspective several times and subsequently taught me to think bigger! She uses her intuition and spiritual gifts to unlock my inspiration and empowers me with possibilities. Her ability to synthesize information and create new and exciting meaning is really uncanny! I have been able to create workshops, uncover hidden talents, and I am in the midst of writing my first book thanks to her soul coaching and support. If you’re looking to expand and rise higher than you ever imagined (and then some), Desireé is who you’re looking for.”
racy Preciado

BE HEARD – Toni Morris, Manager

“The most difficult part of writing this recommendation for Desiree is deciding where to begin… Desiree has so many strengths, in so many areas, that it is hard to write a brief summary. She has the ability to make everyone, and anyone, feel valued and “heard”… this is a skill that is both rare and priceless! To many people possess great ideas, have unique talents and abilities, and untapped knowledge, yet they often find it challenging to recognize and harness their strengths to create a plan for action and growth. Desiree has such a comfortable, easy communication style that seems to create a place where things become more clear, making it easier to maximize strengths… of the individual, within teams, for leaders, or in an organization. I am personally grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Desiree! She is someone I sincerely respect and value.”
Patty Johnson

ACCOMPLISH YOUR GOALS – Patty Johnson, Dynamic Talent Manager

“When you leave a workshop delivered by Desiree, you know you have accomplished what you were there to do. This innate ability to put people at ease, when discussing challenging issues, is what places Desiree so high in her field.”
Sue LeBeck

FIND YOUR WAY – Sue LeBeck, Consultant

“Desiree has a unique ability to wade through complexity and help her clients find their way forward. My own business intentions were greatly clarified and energized after working with Desiree… I highly recommend her.”
Andrea Dawn

DIG DEEP – Andrea Dawn, Spiritual Alchemist & Entertainer

“Desiree has been a great coach for me. Her ability to dig deep into the core issue with such accuracy has been a huge benefit to unlock very hidden, old beliefs. It’s opened my creative abilities more and more. She has great intuitive abilities that allow her to feel more than what our issue is revealing and her pizzazz is contagious. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to move forward in their life, career or spiritual knowing.”

Mike Phillips

MAKE WISER DECISIONS – Mike Phillips, Manager, KA Consulting

Desiree Aragon Nielson is a preeminent facilitator of individuals and groups – getting people to speak their truth openly. Through this skill, she is able to move projects to higher level and wiser decisions as collective wisdom is brought “above the water line”. Desiree delivers this high quality while nailing deadlines and budgets within projects. I whole-heartedly recommend Desiree for any facilitative business intervention.

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