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Inspirational people change the world, but sometimes they get stuck. My job, and my joy, is to help them find their way through so they can continue their journey.

I have an amazing capacity to see one’s abilities and help people grow and develop for the better.  While focusing on developing innate talent is my favorite thing, sometimes people must sort through some emotional and mental clutter before they are ready to allow their inherent genius to fully emerge.




The Desi Line is a FREE resource, so we can connect and get to know each other.  It is a spontaneous, in-the-moment, kind of resource that requires no appointments or planning.

The Desi Line is NOT a therapy hotline. I’m not a clinical or mental health practitioner. If you are under emotional duress, I encourage you to use one of the many counseling hotlines available to the public:

The Desi Line IS a resource for your personal, professional, and spiritual growth.  If you are working on a challenging new project, feeling a bit cluttered in your thinking, or desire to transition from basically living to living in bliss, then I encourage you to use the Desi Line.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do This?

  • I’ve always been the friend people call spontaneously to talk through emerging situations. I do my best work when I talk with people in the moment and help them see situations in a positive and uplifting perspective.
  • I found that my friends became my clients, over time, primarily because we got to know each other through these spontaneous calls.
  • Before you invest in a coaching package or attend one of my retreats, this provides us an opportunity to get to know a little more about each other.

How Does It Work?

  • A situation arises, and you want to talk it through with someone.
  • You call or text the Desi Line at 916-905-5931.
  • I will answer immediately if I am available. If not, leave a message including your hours of availability and I will respond as soon as I can, usually within 24 hours.
  • We talk and/or text through the reason for your call and actively work to get to a meaningful resolution by the end of the exchange.

How Do Complex Issues Get Handled?

  • Typically, we can dissect issues quickly to get to and address the highest priority need in the moment.
  • Sometimes the need identified may be a good match for one of my referral partners and I extend an introduction.
  • Importantly, if it is a mental health, legal, financial, or other significant life issue, I recommend resources such as the counseling hotlines listed above.

Can You Give Examples of People Who Have Used the Desi Line?

  • Business Development Professional called to brainstorm about a conflict at work in which the professional was overheard criticizing another department.
  • Working Millennial called to brainstorm positive and creative solutions in dealing with a difficult neighbor.
  • Management Coach was introduced to a new client with significant new business potential. The coach called to mindfully decide how to respond to the introduction in a concise and powerful way.
  • Lean Six Sigma Consultant was asked to prepare a presentation on an unfamiliar topic. The consultant called to co-create the slide introductory and closing slides.
  • A friend called seeking suggestions for how to maintain a positive mindset on a particularly challenging day.

What is a Referral Partner?

  • Referral partners are people who provide services that may be of interest to my callers. These are people that I tap into on a regular basis for my own development and personal wellbeing. These include resources for our thinking habits, overcoming fears, learning supervision skills, productive conflict, workplace wellness, and so much more.
  • I sometimes refer callers to resources where I have established partnership arrangements.
  • With some of my referral partners, we have an agreement in place that if my caller becomes their client, then I will receive a monetary kickback for making the connection. I found that it was natural for me to refer callers to resources I love. Over time, it evolved into a conscious way contribute funds toward the maintenance of the Desi Line, so it can stay completely free for callers. Please know that this Desi Line is for YOU and I only make referrals when it feels intuitively beneficial for my caller.

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