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Trust Yourself

Today, I was blessed to connect with three talented women whom I adore! All three women are on their own journey, every one of them striving to live life with a fully open heart.

The entrepreneur was feeling snappy and finding a way to work through the monthly anxiousness produced by hormones. She is navigating a busy work schedule, trying to find time for Yoga, offering support to friends and family. Sound familiar? The thing is, sometimes when we feel anxious, we avoid the feeling by actually doing more. While productivity has value, when it is done from a perspective of avoidance it can cause us to behave ineffectually. As she spoke of some of the less favorable consequences of the day her AHA was to simply acknowledge rather than avoid the presence of the anxiety. By acknowledging the anxiety, she was able to step back into her heart space, ask for some support from the family and take a breath to make it through the night.

The artist spoke of having a moment of inspiration with her art. Like many of us have done, she stopped the process to “think” about what she was doing. In stopping to think, she actually changed the art in an effort to turn it into something logical. This over thinking resulted in an art piece that will likely never see daylight, it lost its magic. Her AHA was to change her approach. Next time she is inspired for a moment, rather than force the full creative expression, she will follow the inspiration and when it takes a pause she too will take a pause.

The ultra-dependable professional everyone can always count on to save the day has been working on saying no. And it’s going well, sort of… Good news is that her schedule IS improving, the result however was a realization that it was NOT actually the extra tasks that were adding to the overwhelm. Turns out that she is saying no but not feeling much better. Actually she misses those extra activities. You see it is the day job that is causing her mind to spin. Many of us can recall a time where we went to bed thinking of our to do list and woke up with it still on our mind. She is wondering how to let her mind rest. We talked about Zen music, things that bring her joy, and the importance of awareness. Her AHA is to say yes to what she loves and learn to say no to the inner-critic that keeps her mind running all night.

The thing that makes me the happiest about each of these stories is that we all carry our own answers inside. By striving to live life with a fully open heart, each one of these women worked through a challenge and found their own solution not from the outside world but instead just by taking a few minutes to listen to themselves. Go ahead and take a minute to listen to yourself, your soul will thank you for it!

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