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Waking Up Is So Very Hard To Do


With the Summer Solstice on June 21st coinciding with a Soul Talk I gave on the 23rd, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to delve into Plato’s Allegory of The Cave as a journey to light and love.

The longest, brightest day of the year slowly gives way as we move toward the shorter darker days of Autumn and Winter.

The shadows are more brilliant during the summer months with the sun that blazes its warmth onto the earth. Plato’s Allegory suggests that all humans begin our lives imprisoned in the cave of familial, religious and societal beliefs. We tend to take what we see before us to heart and have a difficult time believing anything that doesn’t sync up with those beliefs. Only as we can break away from the conditioned beliefs can we then discover that what we thought was so real wasn’t.

The fact is that we humans live in an internal state of awakening to a new reality all of the time.

Everything we see is an illusion, in the allegory of the cave we can focus on the shadow or the light. Whatever we attach to is what we continue to see. Once we are awakened to a new state of mind – even though that too is merely another illusion – we can’t go back to what we used to know, see and do. And, the truth is that others may not join us either!

However, coming out of the cave is essential. It is integral to discover that all beliefs and concepts that we attach ourselves to are illusions until we find our way to pure light of love and gratitude. Come join me and others as we delve into the sometimes painful, yet ultimately joyful act of waking up to illusion. Contact me for further information.

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