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We Are All Angels

Dear Desi, How does one have angels?

Oh wow. What an awesome question. My childhood friend (we’ve known each other since Kindergarten) asked me this question because she knows I believe in Angels. And actually if you come to me for coaching or attend one of my retreats, we’ll probably get to talking about angels at some point. I find the idea of angels invigorating. So much so I even earned a certification as an Angel Therapy Practitioner.

I think of angels like oxygen. They are essential for our survival and often times we experience their support without conscious awareness. We all have access to angels all the time. Last night for example I woke up in the middle of the night and thought of a book (The Alchemist) that has a lovely thought provoking story and immediately knew that I should reach out to a specific friend and suggest that she read the book. First thing this morning, I sent the friend a text with the book title and she types back a note stating that she was just reading about the book the night before. For me, that is a validation moment. When we are considering something and an affirmation comes via some type of secondary source.

In some way, we are all angels. Sharing encouragement and guidance with one another. It may come through a smile or a pay it forward experience. It may come through a story or a friends unexpected phone call. It may come through a walk in nature. “It” being an overwhelming sense that everything is on track, a confirmation of an idea, a feeling of love. My life’s work is centered on being present to the messages (big and small) that come to mind and sharing them with my friends and client from a place of love and encouragement.

“When I take time to look around, I see sweet angels are smiling back at me.” – Karen Drucker

Some time ago, prior to taking the Angel Certification class, I was driving and contemplated the idea of letting go of my belief in Angels and spirituality as a whole. I wondered what it would be like if there were no angels and after we died nothing happened. In that moment of reflection, I felt a sense of complete peace. What if the Spirituality that I have subscribed to since childhood (Angels, Soul Contracts, Reincarnation) could in fact all be proven unfounded upon my death? I considered this deeply and breathed into an entirely new aspect of my beliefs. I came to understand that I am really comfortable with the idea that all of these concepts could be totally unreal AND I came to fully understand that they STILL make me happy. I find believing in all of these ideas invigorating!

When a friend, family or client calls me in duress and we discuss what the angels might be guiding us toward – THAT dialogue makes me feel alive. When we imagine how every situation can lead us toward love, it strengthens the conversation. I believe in Angels because it feels good. If, after my death, there is nothing, so be it. But while I am here on earth I am gonna party with the Angels. I am going to look around for all of the messages validating that I am on track. I am going to do my best to receive everyone and every situation as an opportunity to fully express love.

So, how does one have angels? Simply by trusting that they do. Still not sure? Well go have a little fun. Take a walk, visit a store, or call a friend and ask the Angels “What do you want me to know” and notice what comes up. Listen for anything and everything that makes your heart smile, knowing that you are loved.

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