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WSA, How Do I Love Thee…Let Me Count The Ways

Women Speakers

Organizations, like individual people, have personalities.

They can be lovable or unlovable. They can be charming, attractive, mean-spirited, kind, generous, or the opposite. I’m here to sing the praises of an organization I have been affiliated with since its inception: The Women’s Speakers Association (WSA).

I have been a WSA member since the inception of the organization, having fallen in love with its ideals. I was expanding my consciousness around entrepreneurship at that time, back in 2011, and the thought of being part of a growing network of extraordinary women was deeply appealing.

A Defining Moment

When you visit the WSA home page you’ll find the following message, which I love:

“We are here at a defining moment in history. A time in which the world as we know it is transforming into something greater than we could ever imagine. We are moving out of a “survival-of-the-fittest” mindset, in which control, competition and winning are king and into a more integrated field grounded in collaboration, contribution, and one in which we believe, has women at the forefront…the leaders of the 21st Century.”

Strength In Numbers

In the early days, I imagined how powerful WSA could become. Today, WSA is 14,000 members strong with a presence in 120 countries around the world.

The organization has served to help me get my message out to women looking for a nurturing and nourishing environment in which to learn and grow. The organization has helped me serve my clients by connecting me with like-minded women. Subsequently, as WSA has expanded its services, it has also become an important resource for my clients whom I refer to as creative messengers. It is, after all an organization committed to collaborative partnership, not competition.

A Shared Vision Creates Power In Unity

A beloved organization must have a vision to serve its members and offer something meaningful to the community it serves. I love the WSA vision. I share it with women I come into contact with on a regular basis. I share it now with you, my readers.

The following is WSA’s Vision:

“At Women Speakers Association, we are committed to being a walking, living, breathing demonstration of the new collaborative model. We know that competition, which is part of the old operating system, has expired. We’re clear that the world is ready for a whole new possibility of partnership in this new era of doing business to cause serious transformation on this planet.”

It is difficult to articulate how proud I am, how excited I am to be connected with like-minded women who hold a vision to share meaningful messages for the betterment of humanity. The time is ripe for women to be seen, heard and paid for their vision, wisdom and talents. Whether you want to speak, write and publish books, hold seminars, inspire, educate, run local or international companies, or guide your children to a better future, uniting with other women through the Women’s Speakers Association can provide the power you need to see you through to your goals and aspirations.

Tips and Tricks For Women Speaker, Authors and Creative Entrepreneurs

Women love to help other women find their voice, their passion and help them share those ideals with their families, communities, nations and the world at large. I hope to see more women find their power through the unity of this beloved organization like I, and so many others, have.

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