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Your Personal Truth Is Just That – Personal

personal truth

Every individual is born with a personal truth, an inner guidance system that is intended to help one navigate the ups and downs of his or her life.

Some people are more strongly attuned to their personal truth than others. While many more are pulled and pushed through life by the expectations of others, their personal truth makes every attempt to gain their attention through events that one would consider ‘bad’ or ‘unfortunate’. Those are actually the consequences of not following one’s inner guidance or personal truth.

These misunderstood events, when seen with clarity are what helps individuals come to know what they are truly made of and hopefully begin to recognize their very own personal truths. Personal truths may also be described as those values and principles that tell the world what you stand for, what you value, what your aspirations are and where your boundaries are. They are the standards by which you measure yourself.

Without a conscious understanding of your personal truth, you will have no way of knowing whether you are growing or evolving, contributing or taking from life. Until you become aware that you are not living in alignment with your truth you will be creating your life by default. Once you have come to know your truth that will then be the barometer of how well you are doing in your life.

Lining Up With Your Personal Truth

Sometimes we go through life without listening to our inner guidance because the outer guidance is so loud. This is how we become conditioned to be more concerned about what others think than what feels right to us. After years of living that way we often realize that nothing feels quite right. We don’t even feel comfortable in our own skin much of the time.

By the time you decide to consider your inner truth you may wonder, “How is one to know the path to Truth given so many diverse and varied paths?” Exploration becomes the key. Your truth may come through a specific religious organization or spiritual practice or not. However, ultimately your personal truth is connected to your spiritual development, whatever that may mean to you. I only say this because it is about our inner lives, that part of us that isn’t seen but is felt, and the only name I have for that is Spirit.

Truth Or Consequences

I’m reminded of an old TV game show called ‘Truth or Consequences’. The contestants had to answer some whacky question and if they didn’t get it right there were consequences. Life is like that too. We finally grow tired of suffering the consequences of not living our truth which brings many people to a point where they know they must address their inner lives. We no longer can tolerate living off kilter.

You might begin by trying to define what your life will look like, how you will feel and act when you are aligned with your truth. This will move you closer to your personal truth at which point you can further clarify the details in your mind.

The more you work at this, the sooner you will realize your outer behavior is aligned with your inner self. And that, my dear friends is the truth that only results in a series of personal and pleasant consequences.

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