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    Consultation and Coaching

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    Signs You're Ready to Work with Me...

    • You are highly driven personally and professionally.
    • You have reached a certain level of success and  know more is possible. 
    • You have a relentlessly busy mind that won't stop, can't stop pushing for more. 
    • You appreciate uplifting conversation and the opportunity to gain a fresh perspective.

    Examples of situations you may be facing right now:

    • You're frustrated, something happened that you just can't seem to get over. Your mind is like a wash cycle, playing it over and over in your head. You don't want to struggle anymore and would like guidance on seeing things from a different perspective.   
    • You're at the top of your game but you're feeling a bit isolated, you have some ideas that are running circles in your mind. You want to talk them through with someone who gets you and understands the work you do.
    • You've reached a plateau. Things are OK but you know it can be better, you're just not sure exactly where to go from here.  Your mind keeps circling the same ideas, but nothing full sticks. It's time to move forward with clarity and focus.
    • You're working on an important endeavor and you feel blocked or uncertain. You are ready to breakthrough old pathways and create something amazing.
  • Consultation and Coaching

    Quick Talks * Strategy Session * Retreats

    How it Works

    The HeartMind Connection


    Questions are Asked

    Sessions begin with structured questions, in the form of appreciative inquiry, that recognize and affirm your value.


    We go in Deep

    We dive into the deep end exploring all facets of your busy mind, personally and professionally - uncovering how the busy mind is preventing you from achieving your long-term goals.


    Results Happen

    Together we apply simple techniques to quiet the busy mind. We then use he HeartMind integration model to move forward with new perspective and clarity on a way forward that aligns with your whole self.

  • Skills for Work and Life

    "Desi has been crucial in helping me get through points in my life that felt impossible. Even though our work sessions were business focused, I use all of those same skills to better my relationships and other areas of my life."


    Natasha Clawson, Aspireen

    Entrepreneur | Author | Visual Branding Strategist


    Speed Dial

    "Desiree is an amazing person, and has helped my business in so many ways. She has helped me with my book, my speaking, and also my consulting services. I can't say enough. She is on speed dial!"


    Irma Parone, Parone Group

    Keynote Speaker | Author | Consultant

    On Path

    “I can't imagine having walked my path without the insight, intuition and inspiration of Desiree.”


    Jeanne Nangle

    Self-Love Expert | Author | Poet | Soul Coach

    Comfortable and Easy

    “Desiree has such a comfortable, easy communication style that seems to create a place where things become more clear, making it easier to maximize strengths.”


    Toni Morris

    Director Engagement, John Muir Health | Children's Book Author

  • My Story

    Heart over Mind

    As women, we take on many roles and strive to do them all extraordinarily well.

    Too often we feel divided, pulled in too many directions. Our minds get hyperactive, we do do do but the meaningful work always seem left behind. My special approach for quieting the busy mind requires us to integrate every aspect of our lives - our roles, values, responsibilities and dreams. Using a HeartMind integration model, each challenge is overcome with grace and ease.

    My Challenge

    Over the better part of two decades, I achieved my professional goals - a meaningful executive role, a successful side hustle, and financial stability. And, I was blessed with two children and loving friends. It should have felt great but something was out of sorts. My busy mind had me engaged 24x7 - performance goals, parent/teacher meetings, events, household management and the like.


    If I took time to pause, it felt too uncomfortable so I just kept going until I sprained two ankles within two days of each other and couldn't walk. I was forced to sit with myself. I began looking for the root of the discomfort. I looked to my work, my side hustle and at home. After a great deal of denial and attempts to ignore the obvious, I finally admitted that I was burnt out personally and professionally.

    I was no longer able to be/do/live as I'd become accustomed. The more I attempted to fix things, the worse they got. I felt defeated.

    There were consultants that could help with business, therapists that could help with the mental fatigue and parenting classes galore. Still it was all segmented, bits and pieces were helpful in keeping me afloat but nothing was changing. I needed to address the whole picture not just the individual parts.

    Using proven HeartMind integration strategies, and innate optimism,

    I completely reset my personal and professional life.

    It was rocky at first. It required a commitment to wellness and a willingness to look at every aspect of my life with a fresh perspective. Frustration, tears, divorce and identity loss all wove into this time of transition. There were moments that felt as if living in my heart's truth would be impossible. I stayed the course and found the bridge to joy through these HeartMind integration strategies.


    Today, life only continues to get better. Quality time with family & close friends, personal care, women's inspirational events, awesome professional colleagues, writing/coaching/consulting - I get to do it all. I laugh more, cry less, celebrate everything fully enjoying my work and family again!

    The Solution

    Today, I use these well researched HeartMind integration strategies, that worked for me, to guide women leaders in quieting their busy minds for sustainable results.

  • Ready to be uplifted?

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    Visit my online scheduling calendar and find the date & time that works best for you.

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    Ready Set Go! Top Tips to Setting Yourself Up for Success (2017)
    Voices of the 21st Century: Bold Brave and Brilliant Woman Who Make A Difference (2019)
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